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All Summer 2019 | Week 2

Hey Friends Hey!

So last week was pretty fun. We tried out some new adventurers outside of the city but of course it wouldn't be my son if we didn't check out the National Building Museum. I'll spare you details on that as I've wrote about it at least twice already. 

This week we got to hangout with friends,  twice! I realized thg that children are just as ecstatic about the little things as they are the big things!  So let's dive right into our adventures! 

Adventure #1- Tent Tales for Tykes @ L.L. Bean

We decided to venture to Tysons Corner Mall, meet up with some friends and try out the FREE storytime provided by L.L. Bean.

We arrived a few minutes early and Enzo was able to be the helper to the woman in charge of the event, Mimi. She was really sweet and genuinely excited to put on this storyline. She led us outside of the store to a sitting area inside the mall. There she had a tent with games, the book she planned to read to the children,  coloring pages with crayons and a summer pamphlet as a take home for the kids. She allowed the children to play around before reading the story and heading back into the store for a scavenger hunt. When we got back to the store, she even allowed the children to ride on bikes though the store, I mean how cool is that?! She shared a few facts about camping and ended the storytime outside of the store front for a little sidewalk chalk fun!

We'll definitely be back soon. This location hold the storytime every Tuesday at 10:30 and all you need to do is sign up online. Check to see dates and times for this event in your area.

Adventure #2- Watkins Regional Park 

If you know Enzo, well you know he LOVES trains or pretty much any form of transportation. The sole point of this playdate was for two friends to hangout and ride the miniature train at Watkins. The park is located in Prince George's County and the train ride for non residents is $2.50 each. However, this park has plenty of other things to offer like the carousel, playground, nature center, farm and campsite. A fun day of enjoying nature and having a picnic style lunch also. It's great place to come if you want to get out of the city. 

I hope you enjoyed and will share your favorite summer activities!


Dani Lee

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