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All Summer 2019 | Week 1

Hey Friends Hey!

So, summer break is here and I need to keep the big kid (Enzo) occupied and happy!

Originally, we booked four separate camps, one week at each camp for summer. Long story short, due to camp site issues, two of those camps were canceled. So now I'm down to only two weeks of camp during the nine weeks of summer break.

So. I thought I would share our weekly adventures.

This week we hung out 3 days.

Adventure #1- The Splash Park

There are many free splash parks throughout DC. This summer we will go to our local city operated splash park but also the themed splash parks like Canal Park, The Yards Park, City Centre, Georgetown and many others. This is super fun with many different fountains and water equipment perfect for the summer heat; especially when I can find a nice shady area for the baby and I.

So this activity is great for those rainy or just too darn hot summer days, plus it's FREE! You get a chance to be inside while still having fun. On top of the many great exhibits and fun learning you will experience here, they also have two exhibits tailored just for kids; Wegmans Wonderplace and Spark!Lab

The Wonderplace is a small play area inside of the museum ideal for children up to age 5. The space has all of the fun things that children love, like a tree house and slide, a play boat that you can steer, a blocks section, grocery section and even a space just for crawlers. There is ample amount of stroller parking and also a sign that welcomes breastfeeding and advising of a family bathroom.

The Spark!Lab is right next to the Wonderplace. This space is geared toward kids 6-12, but honestly even adults can have a lot of fun over here too. This space is a little more interactive and is based around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) which was perfect for my 5 year old because he is totally into stem these days. There are signs at each station to help you get started but also helpers throughout the space to give tips on what you need to do at each station. My son was totally into the station where you design a structure to see if it will withstand an earthquake.

Our ALL TIME FAVORITE PLACE, the National Building Museum. We love this place so much we have a yearly membership. The cost to get in to the museum varies but the family of 4 membership is only about $90 a year. We love this place because they have an open space for children to run around, play zone for kids up to age 5 and a building zone for children of all ages. We normally spend a few hours here and sometimes even bring a lunch to have on the big open space. Also every summer they have a fun exhibit that is fun for children and adults. This year the LAWN exhibit is opening up. We were able to see the construction while there and the excitement built stronger. We reserved our tickets already.

Let me know if you get to try any of these fun activities or have any you think Enzo and I would like to try out!


Dani Lee

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