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Momming x 2 | One Month Update

It's Hard! Hey Friends Hey! I know you're probably saying things like ,"well what did you expect?", and to be honest, I expected it to be hard. However, I don't think you are ever prepared for what child will bring you. All children are different, and though I had the mom of one thing down, being a mom of two was an entire adjustment. I'm aware and able to handle some situations with the new baby but I'm also learning and growing as his mom with him. It has been an adjustment for the entire family but we are handling it well. I speak affirmations to myself and look at this all as an optimistic and it has made the last month go pretty smoothly. Do I have a baby attached to my boob all day? Yes. Is my house way more messy than I would like? Yes. Did I shower today? Maybe not! But the children are happy, healthy, fed and loving their mom. ...but I think I'm managing pretty well! And here's how. - I continue to love up on the big kid as much as possible. This helps because the baby demands so much attention that I don't want Enzo to feel left out and start crying out for attention. - I ask for help when I need it. That is hard for me because I want to do it all by myself. - I meal prep once a week to make sure that we eat. Mainly so I can eat. Breastfeeding on demand is such a demanding job and I rather not starve while doing it. I also don't want to spend a ton of money on ordering takeout everyday. Meal prep takes me an entire day but that leaves 6 other days where I don't have to worry about it lol. - I find time for adult interaction/conversation. It feels good to talk to another adult and have human contact. - I make time for myself. I mean sometimes I have to take the baby, but holding him while getting a pedicure is 100x better than just being home on the sofa. Lol. So let's talk about two problems I have that rarely gets mentioned : 1. "After Birth Issues" I still had sciatica pain, carpal tunnel, and acne from the pregnancy. On top of that I developed a new issue "hip pain". With the hip pain, I could barely walk. It was horrible. I talked to my doctor about seeing a pelvic floor specialist. I mentioned the hip pain to a few moms and some of them experienced the same after birth. This is what mom friends are for lol. It took a few weeks and most of those issues are gone, the only one that I still have is carpal tunnel. 2. "Cravings" This one was weird to me! I know your hormones are still out of whack for a while, but this is different! I have a sweets craving. I mean, give me all of the desserts. I didn't realize that I had this problem until a few days ago. I noticed I was eating ice creams and cakes and cookies that I would never normally eat. On top of that, I was eating a ton of it! I could seriously eat a container of cookies and cream ice cream in two day. I was sure something was wrong with me. Nope, talked to a few moms and they mentioned the same thing happened to them. Now that I'm aware of it, the craving have kinda slowed down and I'm trying to replace the sweets with healthier options. Luv, Dani Lee  

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