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Becoming: An Intimate conversation with Michelle Obama

Wow! Clearly you see the title, my Forever First Lady! If you didn't know, Mrs. Obama wrote a book, "Becoming" and with that book she did a book tour. Not just any book tour, but a sell out arenas, kinda book tour! There were women, men, children of all different backgrounds and cultures, all in one arena, for one purpose, to Become! Nothing but love and compassion filled the seats! It was amazing! An experience that I will never forget. The best part of all was that I was able to share this incredible moment with a few of my "Sister Friends"! A group of women who I admire for so many different reasons.

Mrs. Obama touched on the subject of having your "girlfriends" and needing them. She was so right. I can honestly admit that I have not always been the best friend to friends, and through that relationships end or grow apart. However, I have grown so much in years and understand how to be not only a friend, but a good friend to those around me. So many amazing moments from the intimate conversation with Mrs. Obama, but I loved that the moderator for the night was her real friends, Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander. She was able to speak from their times together and only moments that they would know about. It was really like two girlfriends sitting down to talk. They mentioned how Mrs. Obama was the one to make all of her girlfriends want to live healthier lives, made them attend bootcamps, and through that all of Mrs. Obama friends, became friends. Boy oh boy, did that hit home! I am totally the Michelle of my friends. Lol. I'm sure we all have a little bit of Mrs. Obama in us. But my friends did bring up, "oh, that's you Dani" because I make them take workout classes with me, against their will and somehow, my friends separately have become friends too!

When she spoke about having that village of girlfriends, it touched my heart. I think we all need that. You need someone to talk to; whether it be about your children or family or just needed to vent, you have someone there and you lean on each other. Be there for one another in good or bad times! You need your village, and you need your girlfriends!

I like to call my girlfriends, my Good Girlfriends or Sister Friends! They are truly all unique and amazing individuals! I could completely go on and on about their many qualities but there are too many to list. They all make me a better woman and want to better because of them! Keep your village tight and clean!

There were many other topics discussed last night that I really enjoyed and resonated with me, but I wanted to dedicate this post to my Sister Friends! Though, I am only posting photos from last night, there are a few others and just know I love you all just the same!

Luv, Dani Lee

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