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Bambino LLC | Luxury Kid Soap

Hey Friends Hey!

We all love the luxury things in life right? Well, what about for our kids too? Yeah I know, not really right?

I tried out a luxury line of kid approved soaps for Enzo by Bambino LLC . When I received the package in the mail, the first thing I noticed was the smells! Gosh this stuff smella great! Now let me be totally honest, I am not a fan of bar soap, but this was different!

To give you a little background, the brand, Bambino was started by a mom who was inspired by her son to start the company. With her son in mind, she wanted to create a soap that would make your little one feel independent while practicing good hygiene. She also thought about us moms also. Tia, of Bambino LLC, states "Although it is a kid's line, I still wanted it to be appealing to a mom and her sense of decor."

With that being said, I was eager to give this soap a try. When I opened the package, I immediately noticed the gold specs and swirls throughout the soap. I was sold. So I put it to the test with the little one after a long day at the pool. Clearly he needed something good to replenish his skin with moisture. Well he enjoyed using the soap while bathing. He said that it smelled really good and felt silky! After bathing, the soap left his skin super soft and moisturized. It was no surprise as the soap is vegan with the main ingredients being lavender, coconut, and shea butter! Now can you sense what I was smelling? I know right!

Tia mentioned that there is more to come for Bambino LLC, and the line of kid soap is just the beginning.

Check them out on Instagram and let me know what you think!

Luv, Dani Lee

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