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Shaw Neighborhood Spotlight | FishScale

Hey Friends Hey!

You should see my bookmarks on Yelp! There is always something new that I want to try and I can hardly remember the numerous places that I have in mind!

We should all know by now, but if not, I, by choice, do not eat meat. Let me clarify that by saying that I absolutely do not eat pork or red meat, however I will eat poultry from time to time, and eat seafood ALL of the time. I won't get into labels, so I just say I eat what I eat and that's pretty much it!

So when I came across Fishscale, it was no surprise that I just had to try it! Well months later, I finally decided to stop in! "Wow! I love this place" is what I thought when I stepped inside! The name pretty much speaks for itself, clearly, they sell fish, but in burger form!

I was greeted by Chrystal, (the woman behind the ordering counter) when I walked in! She was such a delight and did an awesome job selling me on having lunch there. She explained that they have 2-3 fish burgers $13.95 , the crab burger $17.95, along with a few different a la carte side dishes on the menu at all times. She expressed that all of the seafood is wild and sustainably caught and each burger in made to order! Awesome sauce! After choosing a fish burger, you choose between two categories of toppings; in the 1st, you get to choose two different toppings and in the 2nd, you get to choose one of the toppings.

I decided to go with the Rockfish burger with grilled onions and cucumber tomato relish and fresh grilled corn on the side! In about 8 minutes, my life became so much more flavorful! Man oh Man! It was delish! The burger was grilled to perfection without being dried out, the addition of the toppings kept it super juicy, and the bun was nice and airy without feeling super bready! The corn, what can I say, AH-Mazing! But the burger was definitely the star here! Shoutout to Chef Brandon! Oh and let me not forget to mention that they gave me a complementary bag of chips too! Yes! I'll take it!

So if you are in the Shaw neighborhood, be sure to stop in!

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