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Baltimore Spotlight | Day One Brunch

Hey Friends Hey!

Don't you just hate when you're working on something and your computer crashes and doesn't save your work? Yup, well that's what's happened here!

Anywho, let's try this again!!! I hate brunch, said no one EVER! Born in the 80's, raised in the 90's, I love watching re-runs of the hit TV show "Living Single". When they talk about going to brunch in the city, I just think that brunch has always been a lituation! Yes, I said it, LIT!

Brunch is one of my favorite social events! I mean who doesn't love good food, friends, conversation, and bottomless drinks flowing! And if its really good, the music will be great too!

Well that's pretty much what I experienced when I went to the #DayOneBrunch hosted by @Yo_Q ! When I walked into Warehouse 518 (where the brunch was held), it gave me vibes of a restaurant/ lounge with a few private table sections up front, a DJ playing those great 90's jams, a bar, and a buffet of food in the back. It was a great mix of people, all just enjoying a great time.

So I found out that this brunch was only supposed to be a One Day Brunch, you get it? Lol. Well it was such a success on that New Year's Day, that they decided to bring it back once a month! So if you are in Baltimore, check it out!

A few things to know, check out @yo_q for dates!

For $25, you get enjoy catered food, a DJ, dancing and fun from 12p-5p! If you are rallying feeling brunch vibes, you can do the bottomless brunch for $40. If not, they do offer $25 drink pitchers and drink specials at the bar.

Happy Brunch'n!

Luv, Dani Lee

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