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Benning Rd Neighborhood Spotlight | The Chateau Remix

Hey Friends Hey!

I probably don't have to mention this but for those in the back... I LOVE BRUNCH! I love hosting brunch, going to brunch, bottomless or buffet, and an awesome DRAG brunch!

My friend, WalkofMan, and I attended the Saturday Brunch at The Chateau Remix, hosted by Shi-Queeta Lee! Let me start by saying this was a fabulous event! I hope for this event to grow and become even better. To give you a little background; the ladies who perform here used to perform at a popular sports bar in Northwest DC. So they have a huge following and are sure not to disappoint!

So when you arrive, you are greeted by a Queen at the door to check your ticket, a Queen then escorts you to your seat, a Queen brings you your drink, and then when it is time to eat, a Queen is serving the food! The buffet had a great assortment starting with fresh fruits and cake, green salads with dressing, pasta salad, bacon sausage, eggs, potatoes, grits, rice, two different pastas, chicken, spring rolls and meatballs. There was also an made to order waffle station! And now it's time for the show!

A few of my favorite performers were Delila B. Lee, she does a Jill Scott set! OMG! I love the performance because she really looks just like Jill! She definitely put on a show! Of course, Riley Knoxx, knoxx your socks off! She makes you feel like you are front and center at a BEY concert for real! And, oh hunny! Ms. Shi-Queeta Lee! She is a comedian and performer! She started out the show with a Tina Turner performance and got the party started! Hands down, amazing and I'll be back!

A few key points; brunch starts at 11 am and ends at 3pm, the price for brunch is $40 per person which includes buffet and 1 mimosa or bloody mary. After your first drink, drinks can be purchased for an additional cost, with mimosas only being $4 each! YAY!

Now, if I'm being honest! I am happy to get every penny worth, however I think that the time frame is too long! We arrived right at 11 am and left at 2 pm ish and the show still wasn't over. I was tired at this point. However, I believe this could be because they do all the work themselves. So I understand that and hope for the buisness to continue to grow so that that they don't have to do everything themselves!

With that being said, I'm still coming back to support!

Luv, Dani Lee

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