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Chinatown Neighborhood Spotlight | Bantam King

Hey Friends Hey!

Did you know that there are different styles of chopsticks? I mean there is a Chinese style, Korean style, Japanese style, etc? Look at me thinking that I'm all cultured and stuff, eating my ramen, and I had no clue about the chopstick styles associated with each region!

Anywho, anyone who knows me would know that Sakuramen if my all time favorite place in DC to have ramen! I kind of feel bad writing this post! Lol.

After a great morning of fun at the National Building Museum, my friend recommended that we stop and have ramen at Bantam King! Who am I to say know to ramen?

We arrived to this super cute shop right at the corner of 5th & G Street NW. I knew about this place and have walked past it several times, but never stopped in. I was very excited because I knew that they do everything chicken! You won't find any traditionals like pork here, but you are sure to not be disappointed.

They have mostly communal seating in the middle of the restaurant with a few booth seats around the perimeter. Our party of four was set immediately at a nice booth seat table with a window view.

For starters, we ordered the gyoza with the sauce on the side. While really good, the price point $5.50 for 4 pieces, isn't that great. While not advertised or printed, they do have a kids ramen bowl, $5.50. My son ate the entire portion, so I would say it was good. It's just broth, noodles and chicken. My friend ordered from the "specials" menu, the Spicy Bibim-Cold Ramen, $12. I was able to try it and it was quite delicious. I ordered the Shoyu Chintan Ramen, $12.75. It's a Tokyo street style ramen. So, I normally just order a miso broth, one because I like miso, and two to stay consistent when judging ramen! Look at me stepping out and loving it! Wow! The broth was so flavorful and the addition of the seasoned egg just took this dish over the top!

Oh, and let me not forget to mention that they have ice cream! My friend ordered the Honeydew Float; vanilla soft serve, melon soda, and honeydew wedge. She expressed how popular it was in her country.

I will definitely be trying this place again!

-Luv, Dani Lee

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