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H Street Neighborhood Spotlight| Ben's Upstairs

Hey Friends Hey!

I'm back with a review!

I'm not sure what I was expecting when we decided to visit Ben's Upstairs, but I'm still on quest to try out all of the neighborhood establishments.

On any given evening walking down H street, you are sure to spot the patrons of Ben's chilling and enjoying the views from the rooftop bar! So it's a no brainer that I did plan to grab a glass of Rose' and enjoy the night air with my husband. Sadly, but not unfortunately the rooftop was closed for a private event.

Much to my surprise, on this Friday night, there was a DJ and the place was really live! The DJ played great jams from the 90's, 2000's and current chart toppers. We arrived around 10 pm and was able to grab seats at the bar. There are bar stools around the bar and also a few high tables near the windows that have stools.

I ordered the Rose', which is on tap btw! Can we say yay! It was decent and only 7 bucks, $5 if you come during happy hour. My husband ordered the Rock Creek Lemonade (Jack Honey & Lemonade) $11. He said it was good but ordered a beer for his next drink. I noticed that the bartenders use a ton of ice when making mixed drinks! However, the pour on my wine was good!

We ordered the Avocado Toast $7 with Shrimp + $6 and the Cauliflower and White Cheese Grits. The toast was pretty good and the tomatoes were fresh. The grits, well lets just say there was a lack of them!

A few people were also doing Hookah. I'm not a fan, however I did ask and it's priced at $27. I asked a friend of mine and she said it was good!

Will I be back? Absolutely, and hopefully I can try the rooftop!

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