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I Wanna Be Fit | Splash Cycle

Hey Friends Hey!

So let's just be honest here! Do I really like working out? Well that answer is complicated. I really really really like walking, jogging, and spin cycle! Shoutout to my friend over at ImperfectlyG. She invited me to my first spin cycle class last year and I fell in love. I've been on a quest to find new and fun ways to enjoy working out forever. I also workout for health reasons. Knowing that there are a host of health issues in my family, I'm always aware of what I'm eating and trying to staying healthy.

Well yesterday, I got to try a super fun Aquatic Spin Class! It was perfect! The class is hosted by SplashCycle and I went to the class held at the Liaison Hotel! Talk about a workout with a view, I'll take it! I was able to meet the manager Roni and instructor Shayla before the class started. The workout was low impact but you are sure to feel the burn and still enjoy the class. Since you are in the water, the water becomes your weights and you control the resistance. I can't wait to book my next session!

Try them out on ClassPass with my link and get your first month for just $5! That's right, FIVE BUCKS! Here's the link!

Let's workout together!

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