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Travel | Just book the flight!

Hey Friends Hey! I decided to write this post while we are having lunch at Islands of Adventure! So I always get questions or comments on how much I travel or the places that we take our four year old lol. And if you know me, you know I'm Frugal Frannie and it just doesn't add up! Lol. Well, it's all about flexibility! Sometimes I plan an advance, sometimes I book very impromptu because I just can't pass up a deal. Also, utilize your friends! We are getting older and we have friends in different parts of the county or abroad. They are also in various industries and you should use that to your advantage! There are so many more cities and countries that I would love to visit and hopefully I'll be able to do it. Nevermind the negative nancies, do what you want. I have been traveling with my son since he was 8 months old. Will he remember the earlier vacations, no but will we create memories, yes! We don't know what tomorrow holds, so just book the trip! By car, bus, train, boat, plane! I'll take them all! Ok, now to the good! My favorite site for airfare is Skyscanner. We all have a favorite site, but this is mine and I'm sticking to it. I love this site because I can just select my departing city and leave my destination and travel dates free. I pretty much let the site choose my destination and travel dates. For my travel dates, I always choose cheapest month. The site will then pull up the cheapest travel destinations for each country, you can then chose which city, and then look at the calendar to see prices for different dates. Set up your deal alerts too!

My favorite airlines are:

  1. Southwest- when I need to check luggage

2. Jetblue- they have the best snacks, television, and free WiFi!

Also, know what cities your airlines consider "home bases" you will always get a better deal.

Don't be alarmed by the airlines. I always say, this is just a vessel to get me to my destination. So will I fly Spirit Airlines on a domestic flight, absolutely! My most recent 4 day trip was $27 one way, $55 round trip! Yes! I'll take it. The downside to that, is that I really wasn't looking to take a trip and only had 9 days to secure my accommodations.

For my accommodations, again use your friends! I don't always use this option with my family, so I make sure to sign up for rewards programs with hotels. My favorites are Hilton and Marriott! Stay often and earn free stays/points! Don't forget to check for aaa and government discounts. Or if you are really up to It, attend one of those timeshare events and earn free hotel stays!

You could always do airbnb, I'm not a huge fan, but you could probably find a good deal. Although I haven't tried them (sadly I like staying in hotels), when traveling abroad, also checkout hostels! You are there to explore the country, hopefully you will only need a place to sleep and change your clothes.

Well! Happy Travel, just book the flight, and most importantly, have fun!

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