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Laoban Dumplings | Yelp Elite Style!

Hey Friends Hey! Do you Yelp? Are you Yelp Elite? If not, what are you waiting for?

So, I started writing my personal reviews on yelp a few years ago. Honestly, I Yelp any place before I visit, it's a total must. Well, a year ago, I received a message from this random woman telling me that she liked my reviews and thought I would be great for Yelp Elite. I couldn't believe it, little ole me? Really! Ok, I'm being dramatic, but that really was my sentiments. She told me that she would nominate me and the I became a member of the oh so cool club, Yelp Elite Squad. (You can totally nominate yourself too, but I didn't have this knowledge before).

Quite often, the Yelp Community Manager from your community (Hey Kim!), will host Yelp only (open to all yelpers) or Yelp Elite Squad only events. The events are normally private and only for Yelp members. Earlier this week, I was able to attend a private dumpling event hosted by Laoban Dumplings!

Can we say Yummers! Wow! This little gem is tucked away inside of the Shops at 2000 Penn in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood. It is not a traditional sit down restaurant, albeit they do have a counter with a few high chairs if you want to have a seat and enjoy the delicious dumplings. The one cool thing I love about these events, is that you get to meet the owners, engage with them, and get a wealth of knowledge about their business.

They offer dumplings (of course), salad, tea/coffee, and sauces. Last night they offered six different dumplings, two dipping sauces, a "cuke salad" and cool tea/cool coffee!

Because I choose not to eat meat, I tried the Livin' on the Vedge and Farmer's Fancy Dumplings, the cuke salad, and the cool tea! Everything was delicious and flavorful, but I must say my faves were the Livin' on the Vedge dumpling, the cuke salad, which is a cucumber salad, and the cool tea!

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